By knowing keyboard shortcuts, you can easily boost your productivity as well as save a lot of your time and energy. So here are some of the most useful Windows keyboard shortcuts you should know about.

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1. Windows Key + I

Use this keyboard shortcut to quickly open Windows Settings.

2. Windows Key + E

Open File Explorer.

3. Windows Key + Alt + R

Why install 3rd party software to record your screen when you can simply use a built-in screen recorder on Windows 11 & 10. Just press Windows Key + Alt + R and it will start recording your screen. And to view all your screen recordings, press Windows Key + G.

4. Windows Key + H (Windows 11 only)

Use this shortcut to activate speech-to-text dictation in Windows 11.

5. Windows Key + P

If you have multiple monitors connected to your system and if you want to choose a screen, then use this keyboard shortcut. It will directly open the PC screen settings.

6. Windows Key + L

Lock Windows computer

7. Windows Key + . (Period) Key

If you always wondered how can I use Emojis in Windows, then this is your answer. This command will open a set of emojis and GIFs.

8. Windows Key + X + U + U

I’m sure you are still using the old-school method to shut down your Windows PC. Instead of that, why not use this Windows keyboard shortcut? It is much faster and easier to shut down your system.

9. Ctrl + P

Most of us already know this command is used for taking printouts, but you can also use this command to save any webpage in a PDF format.

10. Windows Key + A

Open Action Center.

11. Windows Key + N

Open Notifications panel.

12. Windows Key + W

Open Widgets Panel.

13. Windows Key + PrtScn

This shortcut lets you take a screenshot on Windows 10 & 11 computers.

14. Windows Key + Shift + S

Use this keyboard command to take a screenshot of any part of the screen in any shape.

PS: Snipping Tool must be installed on your Windows device for this to work.

15. Windows Key + Home

Minimizes every opened window except the active one.

16. Windows Key + Any Arrow Key

This shortcut lets you snap a window in any corner. Arrow keys are used to choose the direction of the window you want to move.

17. Windows Key + V

Open Clipboard.

18. Ctrl + Shift + T

This one is a super useful keyboard shortcut for Windows. If you accidentally closed a tab in your web browser, then simply use this shortcut and it will be restored.

19. Ctrl + L

Whenever someone wants to use the address/search bar in the web browser, almost everyone uses a mouse to access it. Instead of that, use this keyboard command to quickly reach the address/search bar. This is a much faster and easier method and also saves some of your time.

20. Windows Key + D

Lets you quickly hide or unhide all your opened windows.

21. Windows Key + Ctrl + D

Use this Windows keyboard shortcut to instantly add a new virtual desktop.

22. Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow

Lets you switch between virtual desktops.

23. Ctrl + Shift + N

Use this command to quickly create a new folder.

24. Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Open Task Manager

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Already Know

25. Ctrl + A

Select all content.

26. Ctrl + C

Copy selected items

27. Ctrl + X

Cut selected items

28. Ctrl + V

Paste items.

29. Ctrl + Z

Undo an action.

30. Ctrl + Y

Redo an action.

31. Alt + F4

Close the active window.

32. Ctrl + D or Del Key

Delete selected items (Moves to Recycle Bin)

33. Shift + Del Key

Delete selected items permanently (Skips Recycle Bin)

34. F2

Rename a selected file.

35. Tab or Shift + Tab

Cycle through options.

36. Alt + Tab

Switch between open apps.