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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know

Windows Key + I

This keyboard shortcut lets you instantly open "Windows Settings."

Windows Key + Home

This minimizes every opened window except the "active window."

Windows Key + Arrow Keys

Use this shortcut to "Snap a Window" in any direction.

Windows Key + PrtScn

Lets you take a "Screenshot" on Windows PC.

Windows Key + Shift + S

Lets you take a screenshot of any part of the screen.

Windows Key + H

Use this shortcut to activate speech-to-text dictation in Windows.

Windows Key + Alt + R

Instantly starts recording your screen.

Windows Key + . (Period) Key

This keyboard shortcut opens "Emojis" on your Windows PC.

Windows Key + X + U + U

Use this shortcut to directly turn off your PC.

Ctrl + Shift + T

Use this shortcut to open recently closed tabs in your web browser.

Windows Key + Ctrl + D

Instantly creates a "new virtual desktop."

Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow

Lets you switch between virtual desktops.

Ctrl + P

With this shortcut, you can either take a printout or save a web page as a PDF.

Windows Key + N

Use this to quickly access the "Action Center."

Windows Key + D

Use this keyboard shortcut to quickly hide or unhide all your opened windows.