10 Best Telegram Bots

New File Converter Bot

This bot lets you convert any file from one format to another. For instance, if I want to convert an MP4 video to MP3 audio, I can easily do that.

AI Background Remover Bot

This bot lets you remove the background from any photos for free.


This bot lets you play games in the Telegram app. It features games like F1 racing, Ice Hockey, Basketball, and many more.

Amazon Price Tracker & Alert

This bot lets you track the price of any Amazon product. Just give the bot your product link and it will start tracking the price of your product.


This bot lets you generate a disposable email address, which you can use for registering on any website.

TrueCaller Bot

This bot lets you check the details of any unknown number.


This bot helps you find the cheapest flight on the internet. Just give the bot your travel details and within a few seconds, it will show you a list of all the cheapest flights available.

URL Shortener

This bot lets you easily convert any long URL into a tiny URL.


This bot lets you play 3 fun games - Math Battle, Corsairs, and LumberJack.


This bot lets you create simple polls which you can share with any Telegram group.