Erasing the background from a photo has become a lot easier lately. Today, you can find many apps in the Play Store that can accomplish this task with a single tap, making it convenient and effortless for anyone looking to remove background from their photos. Here’s how you can remove the background from any photo on Android.

How to Erase Background from any Picture on Android

1. Go to the Play Store and install Background Eraser by InShot.

Background Eraser Inshot - Android

2. Tap on the Create button.

Background Eraser by Inshot

3. Select the image from which you want to remove the background.

4. Once done, the app will automatically erase the background from your image.

5. Use tools like a repair or eraser to fix any imperfections in the image.

ss 2

6. Once you are satisfied with your editing, tap on the ✔ Tick icon (top right corner) and hit the Save button to store the image in your gallery.

ScreenShot 1

There are several other highly effective background remover apps that are also worth checking out.

  1. PhotoRoom (Free with watermark)
  2. PicsArt (Requires subscription)
  3. (Free)

While the above-mentioned apps are good at removing the background from images, it’s important to keep in mind that images with complex backgrounds may not produce the best results and could potentially fail to deliver the desired outcome. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to choose an image with a simple background for optimal results.