Realme has launched its Realme UI based on Android 10 which is also based on ColorOS 7. The update has started rolling out for Realme 3 Pro and Realme XT, and will soon be available for other Realme phones.

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I have been using the new Realme UI for about 5 days of its launch and I have found many of the Realme UI features similar to ColorOS 7, since its a slightly tweaked version of it. But Realme UI definitely has few features that differ from the ColorOS 7. And if you have already received the update or waiting for the update to arrive, here are the 17 useful Realme UI features you should know.

17 Features of Realme UI

1. Customize Icon shape and size

Customize Icon shape and size

The first thing you will notice about the Realme UI is its home screen. The UI looks similar to the Stock Android which most of the users will love. Although you still get the Standard mode under Home Screen Settings which will remind you of the old ColorOS versions.

You can customize the icons according to your taste. By default they are rounded in shape; however, you can choose the icon style to Material, Pebble, or even Custom Style. Although you can’t use third-party apps to change the icon style which is kind of disappointment. Still, you can at least change the size and shape of the icons.

2. Double Tap to Lock

Double Tap to Lock

I have always used this feature on my old Android phones with Nova launcher. This Realme UI feature is really handy, just double-tap an empty area on the Home Screen which will turn off and lock the screen.

To enable this feature just Settings -> Home Screen & Lock Screen Magazine and Enable Double Tap to Lock.

3. Swipe Down on Home Screen

Swipe Down on Home Screen

Another useful feature in Realme UI is the Swipe Down feature in which you get two options: Global Search & Notification Center. Personally I use Notification Center since it makes it easy to access notification just by swiping down an empty area on the Home Screen. Afterall this feature is useful if you have a large screen phone. You don’t have to move your finger to top to use it.

4. Screen Recording

Screen Recorder in Realme UI

Record System Sound: This is the most awaited feature that Realme users were waiting for. Finally, Realme UI can Record Internal Audio. Although you still get the option for Recording Microphone Sound.

Front Camera: This is another cool feature of Realme UI. By enabling this you can use the front camera to record video at the same. This feature is especially useful for YouTube Streamers.

5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant in Realme UI

Did you know there is another way to access Google Assistant? Just either from the left or right bottom corner and Google Assistant will pop-up.

6. Dual Audio

Dual Earphones in Realme UI

Dual Audio is still an experimental option listed under Settings -> Realme Lab. Once enabled, Dual Audio will let your Realme phone output audio from the audio jack and via wireless headphones simultaneously.

7. Focus Mode

Focus Mode in Realme UI

Focus Mode cuts out phone interruptions so you can stay focused on your tasks. This feature is just like OnePlus’s Zen Mode.

When you set a focus period:

  1. All apps are hidden and their usage is limited.
  2. All messages and notifications are blocked.
  3. You can exit Focus Mode when needed.

To enable Focus mode on Realme, just got to Quick Settings -> Modes – > Select Focus Mode. You can select the duration of Focus Mode and comes with many soothing sound.

8. Edge lighting

Edge lighting in Realme UI

The Realme UI also adds an option to add edge lighting effects. You may have seen this feature on a few Samsung Galaxy line up.

You can also choose different lighting colors for notifications and calls. The option is listed under Settings -> Display -> Screen Light Effects. Currently, this feature is only for Realme Phones having an OLED display.

9. Personal Information Protection

Personal Information Protection

You should definitely enable this feature. What it does is when any app tries to read your personal information the system will provide empty information to avoid real information leakage.

So I recommend you to enable this feature whenever your device gets a Realme UI update. To enable this feature, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Personal Information Protection and enable Smart Protection.

10. Smart Sidebar

Smart Sidebar in Realme UI

This feature was already present in the ColorOS 6. But with Realme UI the Sidebar is now more polished and looks way better. You can easily add your favorite or most used apps or games to the sidebar and access from anywhere.

To enable Sidebar, Go to Settings -> Convenience Tools -> Smart Sidebar.

11. Dark Mode

Dark Mode in Realme UI

In the previous OS version, Dark Mode was an experimental feature in Realme Lab. Now it fully available under the Display & Brightness setting.

12. Process Manager

Process Manager in Realme UI

If you find your phone stated to get hot or hang. Then this feature may help you to free up a few RAM. Under Process Manager, you will see the list of Third-Party Apps and System Apps running in the background and can kill the apps that you no longer using it or using unnecessary system resources.

You can find Process Manager under Settings -> Additional Settings -> Process Manager.

13. Partial Screenshot

Partial Screenshot in Realme UI

Many of the Realme users already know about the 3-Finger Screenshot feature. But with Realme UI you can also take Partial Screenshot. All you have to do is Tap & Hold 3- Fingers on the Screen after that you will see a selection box appear. Simply drag this selection box over the area of the screen you want to capture and that’s it.

This feature is useful when you only want to take a screenshot of a certain part only. To enable the 3-Finger Screenshot, Go to Settings -> Convenience Tools -> Gestures & Motions -> Enable 3-Finger Screenshot.

14. New Navigation Buttons

Navigation Buttons in Realme UI

Realme UI comes with Android 10 new Swipe Gesture features. To enable this just Go to Setting -> Convenience Tools -> Navigation Buttons and Enable Swipe Gestures from Both Sides.

15. Realme Share

Realme Share

Realme Share now works with Oppo, Xiaomi, and Vivo. Now you can easily share files, documents, images, music, etc with other phones that support this new sharing system.

16. Camera UI Improvements

Camera App UI in Realme UI

The UI of the Camera App in Realme UI has been improved. Now it is way easier to access most of the features right from the screen without going to more options.

17. New Fingerprint Unlock Animations

New Fingerprint Unlock Animations
ColorOS 6 (Left) and Realme UI (Right)

Realme UI comes with additional Fingerprint Unlock Animation. There are three new animations here as compared to the previous ColorOS 6 version.

Comment down below which is your favorite feature in this list.



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