On the internet, there are many useful websites but it isn’t easy to know every one of them. So to make your life easier, I have gathered some of the best websites on the internet that are extremely useful.

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These are the most useful websites on the internet (2022)

1. 10-Minute Mail

10-Minute Mail

This website is super useful for those who don’t like sharing their primary email address with any random sites.

It gives you a free temporary email id which expires every 10 minutes. You can use this email address to sign up for a site that requires an e-mail address to send verification mail.

This way you can protect your real email address from getting any spam mail or getting leaked online.

2. Short Pixel

Short Pixel

If you have lots of photos on your smartphone or PC and those things are taking hell lot of space, then this is the website for you.

This site helps you reduce your image size without losing the image quality. All you need to do is choose the compression level, and upload the images and it will automatically compress all your images.

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3. CleanPNG


How many times it has happened to all of us that we search for a transparent image on Google and, after downloading it, we see a fake transparent background?

But not anymore. With CleanPNG, you can search for any transparent image in a PNG format.

4. Skyscanner


This website lets you find the cheapest flights from all major airlines and online travel agents. So next time you are booking a flight, make sure to use Skyscanner.

5. PhotoRoom


This website lets you remove the background from your images for free. You can either download the image with a transparent background or with any background color of your choice.

6. Ninite


This website helps you install dozens of popular software in one go. Just select the software that you want to install on your Windows PC and click on the “Get Your Ninite” button.

Then, run the Ninite app and it will start downloading and installing all of them on your PC.

7. Down For Everyone Or Just Me

Down For Everyone Or Just Me

This website lets you check if a website is down for everyone or just you.

8. Pexels


This website gives you access to millions of high-quality stock photos and videos and all of them are free to download.

It’s a handy website for anyone who needs a freely available stock image and video for their project or YouTube videos.

9. Privnote


It is an insanely useful website for those who want to send private notes that get self-destroyed after being read.

It also offers a few extra features, such as setting up the self-destruct duration, adding a password for more protection, and receiving an email when the note is destroyed.

10. AlternativeTo


This website helps you find alternatives to just about any software. Let’s say you want to see Microsoft Office alternatives. Just search for it on this website and you will get all the alternatives from free to paid.