Chrome OS Flex is a free and lightweight operating system from Google, which can be installed on any computer running on Windows, Mac, and Linux. But the primary target of this OS is the old and low specs computers.

So if you have a PC or laptop that has become sluggish, you can install this OS on it. And to do that, I’m going to show you how to install Chrome OS Flex on your old laptop and PC.

Minimum System Requirements for Chrome OS Flex

  • Intel or AMD x86 (64-bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 8 GB USB drive
  • 16 GB Internal Storage

Create Chrome OS Flex Installation Media using USB Drive

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and head over to the Chrome web store.

Chrome Web Store

Step 2: Search for the Chromebook Recovery Utility and install it on your chrome browser.

Chromebook Recovery Utility

Step 3: Plug your USB drive into your PC and open the Chromebook Recovery Utility. After that, click on Get Started.


Step 4: Click on the “select a model from a list” option. Next, under a manufacturer, select the option that says “Google Chrome OS Flex” and under product, choose the “Chrome OS Flex” and then click on Continue.


Step 5: Select the USB drive on which you want to install the Chrome OS flex, and then click on continue.


Step 6: Click on the “Create Now” and it will start creating a bootable Chrome OS flex recovery image. This process can take anywhere around 20 mins to 60 mins depending on your internet speed and computer hardware.


Install Chrome OS Flex on Windows Laptop or PC

Step 1: Once the recovery media is completed, restart your computer and keep pressing the boot key until your BIOS boot menu appears. If you don’t know the boot key of your computer, check out this table.

ManufacturerBoot Key
AcerF2 or F12
AppleHold Option
ToshibaF2 or F12
OtherTry Esc, F1-F12, or Enter
BIOS Boot Menu

Step 2: On the boot screen, select your USB drive using the arrow keys and hit Enter. Within a few seconds, the Chrome OS Flex logo, followed by the welcome screen will appear.

Chrome OS Flex Welcome Screen

Step 3: Click on the “Get Started” button and after that, you will get 2 different options.


The first option (Install Chrome OS Flex) will install Chrome OS Flex on your device. Use this option if you want to make Chrome OS Flex the main operating system on your PC or laptop. This option will also wipe out your entire hard disk. So make sure you backup all your data before choosing this option.

The second option (Try it first) is for those people who want to try Chrome OS Flex first before installing it on their main computer. This will run Chrome OS Flex from the USB drive.

Step 4: Once you have selected the option, go through the on-screen instructions and sign in with your Google account.

Chrome OS Flex

That’s all, now you can start using Chrome OS Flex on your old laptop/PC. Now let me know in the comment section whether this article helped you or not.

—– FAQ —–

Can Chrome OS Flex be installed on any computer?

Chrome OS Flex is a lightweight operating system, and it is designed to run more or less on any computer built after 2010. So it doesn’t matter whether your computer is old or has less RAM or a weak processor, you can install Chrome OS Flex on any computer.

Is Chrome OS Flex free?

Yes, you can use Chrome OS Flex for free.

Will Chrome OS Flex work on 2 GB RAM?

As per Google’s official requirements, you need at least 4 GB of RAM on your PC to run Chrome OS Flex. However, on the internet, you will find many people claiming to run Chrome OS Flex on their 2 GB RAM PC or laptop without any issue.


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