Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It is free, fast, secure, and full of features and most of the users are already in Chrome’s eco-system. But it is not an open-source program so you won’t find it at Ubuntu Software Center.

So the only browser you will see that comes pre-loaded in Ubuntu is Mozilla Firefox which itself is a good browser. But like I said some users are not yet ready to leave chrome as their default browser. So how to install google chrome on ubuntu? Well, in this article I will show you a step-by-step guide to install google chrome on Ubuntu Linux.

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How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux (2021)

  1. Download Google Chrome
  2. Go to Files App
  3. Open Terminal App

Step 1: Download Google Chrome

Go to Google Chrome’s website and click on Download Chrome.

Download Chrome


Here Download Chrome for Linux window will appear and you have 2 download packages

  • 64 bit for Debian/Ubuntu
  • 64 bit for Fedora/OpenSUSE

Make sure you select the Debian/Ubuntu option and click on the Accept and Install button.


Choose the Save File option and click on OK and your google chrome browser download will begin.


Step 2: Go to Files App

After the download is completed, go to Files App and click on the Downloads folder. If you have downloaded a chrome file on any other location, then open that folder.


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Step 3: Open Terminal App

Now open the terminal app either by using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T or click on the show applications and search for Terminal. Next type “sudo apt install” space and now drag the google chrome file from the Downloads tab to the terminal and press the Enter key.

$ sudo apt install

Next, enter your password i.e. user account password, and press Enter. Now google chrome installation will begin on your ubuntu operating system.

Install chrome on ubuntu with terminal

After the installation process is finished close or minimize all the windows and click on Show Applications. As you will see below Google Chrome has been installed on ubuntu OS. Now all you have to do is, configure the chrome settings according to your requirement.

Install chrome on ubuntu

chrome on ubuntu

Well, that’s the end of our guide. I hope this article will help you install Chrome on Ubuntu using a terminal.

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