By default, Windows doesn’t offer any mechanism to set a live wallpaper as your desktop wallpaper but thanks to 3rd party apps you can easily set a moving live wallpaper on your Windows PC. And in this guide, I will exactly show you how you can do that.

To set the live wallpaper on Windows 10 and 11, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the Microsoft Store and download the Lively Wallpaper app.

Lively Wallpaper App

Step 2: Open the app and select any live wallpaper you want to see as your desktop wallpaper.

Step 3: Click on the menu (3-dotted) button and select the Set as Wallpaper option.


That’s it. Now you will start seeing an animated desktop background on your Windows 11 & 10 PC. Other than that, you can even customize the live wallpaper before applying. Some of the customizations include speed, brightness, font color, overlay color, and more.


But what if you want to set a video as your wallpaper on Windows 10 & 11?

Well, it’s quite easy. Let me show you.

Step 1: Open the Lively Wallpaper app and click on the Add Wallpaper button.

Add Wallpaper in Lively Wallpaper

Step 2: Click on the Browse button and select the video file you want to see as desktop live wallpaper.


Step 3: Click on the Open button and your video will be added to the Library section.


Step 4: Select your newly added video wallpaper and click on the menu (3-dotted) button and then choose the Set as Wallpaper option.

Set as Wallpaper in Lively Wallpaper

That’s it. You’ll now start seeing your video as desktop wallpaper on your PC.

Note: By any chance, the app is not working properly or you are seeing a decrease in performance of your laptop or computer, then you can make changes to your app’s settings. Such as reducing the video quality, changing the video player, pausing live wallpaper when the app or game is fullscreen, pausing live wallpaper when on battery power, and so on.

Lively Wallaper Settings

That’s all for now guys. Let me know in the comment section whether this article helped you or not.


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