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Best Gaming Keyboards under 2000

10 Best Gaming Keyboards under 2000 in India (December 2022)

Gaming keyboards under 2K generally come with a high-quality build, RGB backlit, and mechanical keys. With these features, you will not only get a...
Best Gaming Laptops under 80000 in India

8 Best Laptops for Gaming under ₹80000 (November 2022)

Gaming laptops under 80K are generally for hardcore gamers and content creators. In this price segment, you will get many laptops with a powerful...
Best Note-Taking Apps for Android

10 Best Android Apps to Take Notes (2022)

You can forget to carry a notepad with you, but one thing you can't, i.e. your smartphone. Phones have become so much more convenient...
Best Laptop for Gaming under 70000 in India

9 Best Laptops for Gaming under ₹70000 (November 2022)

Gaming laptops under 70K usually offer a good price-to-performance ratio. In this segment, you will mostly find laptops with a Full HD display, 144Hz...
Best Keyboards under 1000 in India

10 Best Keyboards under 1000 in India (December 2022)

Every user uses a keyboard for some purpose or the other, be it for programming, gaming, writing documents, etc. In the Indian market, there...
Best Android Keyboards

6 BEST Keyboards for Android [2022]

Most smartphone users use the default keyboard, which comes pre-installed with their Android phone. But that doesn't mean that everyone will love that keyboard....
Best File Managers for Android

10 Best File Explorer Apps for Android (2022)

File Manager is among the most important app for your Android devices. There are so many things you can do with it, such as...
Best Manga Apps for iPhone & Android

6 Best Manga Reader Apps for Android & iPhone (2022)

If you are here, then it's clear you are already a fan of Japanese anime and now you want to try out Manga. Since...
Best Email Apps for iPhone & iPad

10 Best Email Apps for iPhone & iPad (2022)

Email is one of the oldest and important forms of online communication. Whether you want to create an account on social media, subscribe to...
Best Free VPNs for iPhone & iPad

8 Best Free iPhone VPN Apps (2022): Top iOS VPNs

As we are getting more & more dependent on technologies, we are also risking our privacy. There might be chances that your ISP, government...
Best Free VPNs for Android

8 Best Free Android VPNs in 2022 (Safe & Reliable)

On the internet, you will find many free VPN apps for Android but not all of them are as secure as they say. Also,...
Best Text Messaging Apps for Android

10 Best SMS Apps & Texting Apps for Android (2022)

SMS apps might not be as popular as other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram, but they are still an essential feature of the...