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In today’s world, whether you are an investor or a trader, you should be well versed in financial knowledge because we are not only buying a stock, but we are buying a business. The beginners usually require some help to get hold of this. Hence, all the stock market or financial news apps are there to help the customers who can gain their knowledge and learn about it.

The most important trick is to stay up to date about the past and current news. And nowadays, people prefer to use friendly measures so that they can check, access, and use data for investing their money. So here’s the list of 10 best stock market apps in India for Android and iPhone that will help you learn about the stock market.

Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India (2020)

  1. Zerodha Varsity
  2. Money Control
  3. Stock Market Challenge
  4. ET markets
  5. BSE India
  6. Stock Edge
  7. Advisorymandi
  8. CNBC TV 18
  10. NDTV Profit

1. Zerodha Varsity

Zerodha Varsity - Best Stock Market App for Learning

Zerodha Varsity is a free stock market app for iOS and Android that helps the beginners to learn about the stock market. It is a very good app for beginners who are interested in the stock market. An online broker Zerodha owns this. Zerodha varsity has various modules that cover in-depth related to the stock market. After finishing the module, there is a quiz at the end of each level, and then you can take the certification exam.

I used this app, in the beginning, to learn and know about the stock market. It will also provide you videos and webinars from Zerodha Educate. It also has “The Wall” tab at the bottom where experts share their opinion on particular articles, which might be helpful for investment.

Download Zerodha Varsity for iPhone

2. Money Control

Money Control App - Top Stock Market App

The Money Control App is one of the top stock market apps that keep customers updated about the global news. The app is user friendly and provides you to create your portfolio and then monitor that portfolio. This application provides the latest prices of stocks, commodities currencies, future and options, and mutual funds. It is one of the best options available where you can compare:

  1. The performances of stocks by analyzing 52-week high and low prices
  2. Technical performance charts
  3. Company’s balance sheet
  4. Profit-and-loss statement
  5. Ratio analysis.

As soon as you click on the “Stock Action” tab, it will provide you details about the top gainers, top losers, 52-week high and low prices of a specific company. Furthermore, It provides quarterly, half-yearly, 9 monthly, and yearly data of a company. Besides that It also shows the list of stocks you have visited. It has over 10 million downloads and is one of my favorite app for stock market research.

Download Money Control for iPhone

3. Stock Market Challenge

Stock Market Challenge - Best Virtual Trading App

This app is a creation of the Bombay Stock Exchange and Dalal Street Investment Journal. If you are a beginner and you want to learn some basics about investing, then you should go for this app.

This is one of the best virtual trading app and It has features where you can create a virtual portfolio that can help you practice trading without using actual money. Later when you gain enough experience and confidence, then you can start investing actual money in the stock market.

The major thing in the stock market is when to get in the business and when to get out. It helps you to know and learn about the uncertainty or volatility of the stock market.

Download Stock Market Challenge for iPhone

4. ET Markets

ET markets App

ET Market is another best stock market app for android and iPhone that provides the latest and accurate financial news. This app will allow investors to stay up to date with the current financial news and it also supports many Indian languages.

The most attractive feature in this app is that you can calculate your House rent allowance, House property income, Tax Impact, etc. by just clicking on the tools option. It provides news related to the equity market, mutual fund, commodity market, Bond market, forex market, etc. which makes it one of the best financial news app. You can also manage your investment by making your portfolio, just like the Money Control App.

Download ET Markets for iPhone

5. BSE India

BSE India - Official Bombay Stock Exchange App

The BSE India is the official app from the Bombay Stock Exchange, which is Asia’s first stock exchange. The main feature that makes it different from the other applications is that it provides live corporate actions, corporate announcements, board meetings, and results. This App gives the detailed information about the market statistics and the market turnover.

I recommend you to download this app to get the latest and live corporate announcements as it helps to make appropriate investment decisions because it will give you an idea about when to buy, sell or hold the shares of the company. BSE India App also states the information about the Board meeting held, and the purpose of the Board meeting.

BSEIndia on Mobile
BSEIndia on Mobile
Developer: BSE Limited
Price: Free

Download BSE India App for iPhone

6. Stock Edge

Stock Edge App

Stock Edge application is the stock market and mutual fund research app that is based on the data of NSE and BSE. It helps the Indian Stock market Traders and Investors track stocks online and make better decisions by providing analytics and visualizations in the best possible manner. This App also provides information about the foreign institutional investor (FII) and domestic institutional investor (DII) derivatives and cash statistics hence making it one the best share market apps for Android & iPhone.

Customers can also track what big Indian investors are buying and selling. You can also study the deals and portfolio of famous investors and their recent investments which will help you to enhance your knowledge.

Download Stock Edge for iPhone

7. Advisorymandi

Advisorymandi App

Advisorymandi is a platform for an investor to find the top-rated investment advisers. It provides access to customers and allows them to receive instant stock market tips and update from certified advisers.

This app specializes in Editor’s pick and expert views on different stocks, government policies, IPO, etc. You can get the detailed information of all the research analyst available. It is an only Indian stock market app where the traders and an investor can reach out to SEBI-registered research analyst and seek their financial advice and expertise.

Download Advisorymandi App for iPhone

8. CNBC TV18

CNBC TV 18 App

The CNBC TV18 App is one of the popular stock market app which provides you 360-degree coverage of the latest and accurate news on investment strategies, stocks, finance, business, technology, and more. You can watch live streaming TV news anytime and anywhere. The current news and expert views will make your investment decision easier.

This app will provide you all the video clips of the news and their special shows so that the customers can stay informed. This is one of the most trusted apps for financial and business news.

CNBCTV18 Business, Market News
CNBCTV18 Business, Market News

Download CNBC TV18 for iPhone

9. App is another best share market app in India that provides charts and prices of financial instruments that are traded over 70 global stock exchanges. This app gives you quick access to tools such as Currency converter, Advanced Charts, Economic Calendar, Market quote, etc. You can also track the market-moving events as they are announced.

Here you can build your own personalized portfolio and track your stocks, bonds, ETFs, commodities, but that should be synced with your account. It will be easier for you to track the historical data of commodities. This app also provides you the latest news regarding cryptocurrency.

Download App for iPhone

10. NDTV Profit

NDTV Profit App

NDTV Profit app provides you the latest news and videos of the financial market and corporate India. Other than that it also provides news based on the stock market, Top stories, Budget news, Expert’s opinion on investing, etc. You can also check Live Stock Quotes and historical charts.

NDTV Profit
NDTV Profit
Developer: NDTV Official App
Price: Free

Download NDTV Profit App for iPhone


These are the list of 10 best stock market apps in India for Android and iOS in 2020. All these apps are an all-in-one solution to all your problems related to the stock market. These apps will help you to enhance your knowledge and achieve financial goals.

Now comment down below which stock market app from this list you are going to try?

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