Are you looking for the Best iPhone Browser? or maybe the best safari alternative? If yes, then you are in the right place. Since Safari is deeply integrated into Apple’s ecosystem so you will feel more natural while using it. Also, it is just as good as other web browsers but still lacks behind rivals on some features.

But a good thing is that the Apple App Store is filled with lots of third-party browsers, which can be the best safari browser alternative. So I have compiled the list of 10 best browsers for iPhone in 2020 available in the App Store with their strengths and weaknesses.

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Top 10 Best iPhone Browsers in 2020

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Dolphin Mobile Browser
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Brave Browser
  5. Microsoft Edge
  6. Aloha
  7. Ghostery Privacy Browser
  8. Firefox Focus
  9. Opera Touch
  10. DuckDuckGo Browser

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Best iPhone Browser

Most of you guys won’t be surprised if you are seeing google Chrome in this list at the top. Google Chrome is one of the most popular and best browsers for iPad & iPhone out there, and most of you guys probably be reading this article from chrome itself. It is one of the best browsers alternate to Safari in the App Store.

Google Chrome on the iPhone has such an easy-to-use interface. And just like Android devices, it has all its features such as translate web pages, finds in a page, read later, and block pop-ups.

What makes Chrome stand out is the ability to sync across other platforms that includes your history, bookmarks, and so on. There are other two features that I use a lot – dark mode, read suggested articles (which can be turned off).

Download Chrome Browser

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2. Dolphin Mobile Browser

Dolphin Mobile Browser

If you have used Android in the past, then you must be familiar with the Dolphin Browser. It has many basic features like most of the modern mobile browsers have such as a private mode, night mode, cross-platform sync, and so on.

The main feature of the Dolphin Browser is its gesture-based navigation. For example, by drawing ‘G’ will open ‘Google’, you can also set your custom gesture to open your favorite websites. Furthermore, switching between tabs is easy just by swiping from the right of the screen will display all tabs also by swiping from the left all your bookmarks, history, and other functions will be displayed.

Besides, you can also customize the Dolphin Browser by going to their theme store and selecting your desired wallpaper. The browser can also block pop-ups ads and you can use your Passcode and TouchID/FaceID to unlock Dolphin Browser on startup.

Note that by default the search engine is set to Yahoo, which you can change from setting. Overall, I love the dolphin Browser because of various features and customization options available which makes it one of the best browsers for iOS you can go for.

Download Dolphin Browser

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3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox

Just like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox is also one of the most popular browsers out there in the App store. The UI of the browser is simple & clean and it will not take much time to get used to all its functions if you are using for the first time.

One of the interesting features you will find on Mozilla Firefox is block images. What it does is that whenever you see an article or video from any website, it will automatically block image (s) to reduce loading time.

Like most of the iPhone browsers, Mozilla Firefox also supports dark mode. If you enable night mode, not only will it turn the browser to a dark theme also the webpages will turn to dark colors. The synchronization between the devices works well and can block any harmful pop-up ads. Overall, Mozilla Firefox is the best iPhone Browser, and you should definitely checkout.

Download Mozilla Firefox Browser

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4. Brave Browser

Brave Browser - Best Browser for iPhone

If you are looking for a more secure browsing experience, then the brave browser is the one. The browser is packed with many features that will protect you from the harmful sites without compromising your browsing experience.

It comes with a built-in ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ feature which automatically switches sites with insecure (HTTP) to secure (HTTPS). You can also block ads, trackers, phishing, pop-ups, and script.

And if you think this was enough, then you are probably wrong. You can also use TouchID/FaceID to unlock Brave Browser plus you can also block all cookies from sites to enhance your browsing experience furthermore. And by any chance, you are using the brave browser on your windows, android, or any other supported OS, then it can sync across devices easily.

There is no doubt Brave browser is one the most secure browser for iPhone and also the best alternative to the Safari browser. If privacy matters to you a lot, then you should try it.

Download Brave Browser

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5. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has a simple and clean UI. It comes with many features similar to most of the popular browsers out there in App Store such as In private Tab, Swipe Gesture, Translates webpages, and more.

What makes Microsoft Edge stand out from the rest of the browsers is the ability to watch videos in PIP (Picture-in-picture) mode from most of the websites.

Another cool feature of Edge is the ability to send your current opened site directly to your Edge Browser on Windows or Mac. There is one more feature I liked the ‘read aloud’ feature provided in the app. Its function is simple just open any article from the web and tap on ‘Read aloud’ and it will start reading text for you.

You also get Adblock Plus built-in to block unwanted ads. Also by default, your search engine will be Bing which you can change to Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine. Overall, Microsoft Edge is a good browser and a few of its functions may come in handy for you while surfing the web.

Download Microsoft Edge Browser

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6. Aloha

Aloha Browser - Best iPhone Browser with VPN

Aloha Browser is one of the most feature pack web browsers in this list. It is free, fast, and has many features related to privacy and security. One of them is blocking all the ads and trackers including pop-ups. To further enhance your privacy, the app also comes with a built-in free VPN that will not only allow you to access blocked sites but also hide your real IP address.

There is an option to lock the Aloha Browser by setting up the passcode or TouchID. Other lock areas include are Private tabs, downloads, and Private tabs & downloads. You can also play videos in the background just like Microsoft Edge.

Now enough of privacy and security things, let’s talk about the app interface. The app has an elegant design and easy-to-use interface. At the top, you will find a search or address bar along with a QR code scanner that works properly. Also, it has a wide variety of free and premium themes to make the browser more appealing. Other than that, it has dedicated space for news that comes with a wide variety of categories.

Even though Aloha Browser is free to use, but you will see few ads. You can subscribe to their premium service to remove ads, get premium themes, and access to advanced VPN features like choosing a VPN server country, use VPN in other apps, always-on VPN, and much more. So if you are looking for a browser that will protect your privacy, then Aloha is the top browser for iPhone.

Download Aloha Browser

7. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery Browser

Ghostery Browser is another epic browser that protects your privacy. The browser is fast, secure, ad-free, and simple in design. Its start tab comprises favorite sites and news articles. It also has a built-in Ad-blocker that removes annoying ads resulting in fast browsing experience.

To make your browsing experience more user-friendly, it comes with reader mode, which will remove all the unnecessary JavaScript and CSS files. The Ghostery Browser also shows websites that track your data and you can choose whether to allow or block them.

Much like private mode or incognito mode, it has its ghost mode, which prevents the websites you visit from appearing in your browser history. And by default, DuckDuckGo will be your default search engine, which you can change from the settings. So if you want to keep your web-surfing secure, safe, and fast then the Ghostery browser is one of the best browsers for iPhone in 2020.

Download Ghostery Browser

8. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is developed by Mozilla and is one of the unique browsers I have come across. Most of the iPhone browsers in this list are packed with tons of features, whereas Firefox Focus has no new tab, history tab, themes, and so on. It has a beautiful looking gradient design start tab and is in private mode automatically.

So every time you browse any site you will not see any option to switch tab instead you will see the delete icon and just by tapping on it will instantly erase your browsing history. Also, if you close the app and open it later, your browser history will not be there. The app’s focus is to improve users’ browsing experience by blocking trackers and ads.

You can also use TouchID to unlock the app and option to add Siri shortcuts such as when you say Siri to “erase and open”, she will erase history and open Firefox Focus. There is no doubt it is the best browser for iOS if you want privacy and security while web browsing.

Download Firefox Focus Browser

9. Opera Touch

Opera Touch

Opera Browser is very well known in the browser community, and Opera Touch is one of them. The Opera Touch has pretty much everything a browser must have. It has a clean design, comes with a light/dark theme, a built-in ad-blocker, block cookies, and much more. Another great feature is that you can select different navigation styles like Standard or Fast Action Button. The screenshot you are seeing is using standard navigation.

To further ease your browsing, open My Flow in Opera on your computer and scan the QR code from Opera Touch and it will be connected to your phone. With that, you can send links, images, and notes using a secure and private connection.

Download Opera Touch Browser

10. DuckDuckGo BrowserDuckDuckGo Browser for iPhone

If you are tech-savvy, then you may have heard of DuckDuckGo if not, it is a Web Search Engine that focuses on protecting the searcher’s privacy. It has its mobile browser for the iPhone. The app may look simple in design but you can choose other home screen layouts from settings. You can also switch themes between light and dark.

Just like most of the mobile browsers in this list, it is also a privacy-focused browser. It has a feature like automatic clear data, one tap to clear all taps & clear data, blocking Ads, and trackers. Other than that, there is a badge next to the address bar that shows the privacy grade of any website. Note that the default search engine on this app is DuckDuckGo, and there is no way you can change it.

Overall DuckDuckGo is the best private browser app for iPhone in the App Store that provides maximum privacy and security while surfing the web.

Download DuckDuckGo Browser


These are the list of Top 10 Best Browsers for iPad & iPhone and also the best Safari alternative in 2020. All the browsers in this list are feature-rich and provide maximum privacy, security, and ad-free web experience. You can install any apps from this list that you think will give you the best browsing experience on your iPhone.

Have questions? Feel free to comment down below and also share it if you found this article helpful.

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