A web browser is one of the essential parts of our life. We use it for many things like searching for information, watching movies, play online games, read the news, and so on. But the way people use the internet changes from time to time and their activities are tracked and monitored by many websites and government agencies.

So it’s very important to have a good web browser that provides security, privacy, efficiency, and speed. Now it is up to you to decide which of these aspects is your top priority. So here’s the list of 8 best Windows 10 browsers in 2021.

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Note: All the web browsers are in random order so you can choose any browser you like.

Top 8 Best Browsers for Windows 10 (2021)

  1. Microsoft Edge
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Opera
  5. Tor Browser
  6. Brave Browser
  7. Torch Browser
  8. Vivaldi

1. Microsoft Edge (Chromium) – Best Chrome Alternative

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) - Best Chrome Alternative

In early 2019, Microsoft announced the Edge browser based on the Chromium engine, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions by Microsoft. And since the Edge browser is based on Chromium so you don’t have to worry about the extensions as you can download and use the extensions from the Chrome Web Store or you can also download from the Edge Add-On Store.

The new Edge also consumes less battery and RAM compared to Chrome, and most of the Google background services have been removed, which makes it lighter and faster to use. Besides that, Microsoft Edge also has a secret surfing game (edge://surf/) that works offline and online, just like Google Chrome’s dinosaur game (chrome://dino/).

There are few other useful features available in Microsoft Edge, such as

  • Reading mode and Read aloud
  • Cast media to device
  • Browser task manager: It is similar to the Windows task manager. In this, you can check how much the website, plugin, and other browser components are using Memory, CPU, and Network.
  • Tracking Prevention: The Edge Chromium comes with a built-in Tracking Prevention feature. You can choose between Basic, Balanced, and Strict. With this, you can block trackers, see less personalized ads, and block known harmful trackers.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen: It protects you from malicious sites and downloads. You can read more about it from here.

Now let’s talk about the User Interface of the Edge, which is also an essential part of many browsers. The UI is clean and easy to navigate and comes with few customization features like Bing daily image, quick links, greetings, Microsoft news, and dark theme.

And if you have Microsoft Edge installed on your Android or iPhone devices, then you can send your web pages from your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC just by tapping on the “Continue on PC” feature. Overall, Microsoft Edge is one of the best browsers on Windows 10 and also the best Google Chrome alternative.

Download Microsoft Edge

2. Mozilla Firefox – Best Privacy-Focused Browser

Mozilla Firefox - Best Privacy-Focused Browser

When it comes to privacy and security there is no doubt Mozilla Firefox is one of the top browsers for Windows 10 and with the “Quantum” update it has become a complete browser. For many users, Firefox is still one of the best Google Chrome alternatives.

Furthermore, it protects your online activity by blocking trackers and other malicious scripts. Also, being an open-source and non-profit browser, it doesn’t share user’s data with any third-party organization. Besides that, you can find tons of extensions on Firefox Add-Ons Store, which you can download to further enhance your browsing experience.

And like many Chromium powered browsers, here also you will find a task manager to see which tab or extension is eating up your system resources. Few other features of Mozilla Firefox are:

  • Password free login
  • Sync across all your devices
  • Send Tab to device
  • Pocket integration

As for the UI, it is not as clean or minimal as Edge and Chrome browser, but thanks to themes you can enhance the look and feel of Firefox. Overall, Firefox is a great browser, and if you are looking for the best privacy-focused browser, then you should definitely try it.

Download Mozilla Firefox

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3. Google Chrome – Top Web Browser

Google Chrome - Top Web Browser

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world, and there is a high probability that right now you are reading this article on Google Chrome. The benefit of using the Chrome browser is its compatibility with other Google services. You can also sync your bookmarks, passwords, history, and more on all your devices. So it doesn’t matter which device you are using, your data will always be in sync across all your devices.

Also, thanks to a massive collection of extensions, it provides you more flexibility. And if you want to customize the browser, you can download a theme from the Chrome Web Store. It has a wide collection of themes and you can find almost all types of themes like cars, nature, anime, animals, and many more.

The UI of Chrome is simple, clean, and easy to use, and you will find all the Google services links on the start page. Furthermore, Chrome runs smoothly on any Windows PC or Laptop and the website also loads faster. However, Chrome is infamous for its heavy RAM usage. So if your PC has limited RAM, then you should look for any other browser.

Download Google Chrome

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4. Opera – Feature Pack Browser

Opera Browser - Feature Pack Browser

Opera is another Chromium-based browser that means you try out extensions not just from Opera Add-Ons Store but also from Chrome Web Store. Furthermore, the Opera browser is packed with tons of features and one of them is Customization.

Starting off with the start page. The very first thing you will notice is the Sidebar. You can use the sidebar for many things like:

  • Workspace: You can use the Workspace for switching between the task and if needed you can add more Workspace.
  • Messengers like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and many more shortcuts are also available which work as web apps.
  • You can add Extensions to Sidebar.
  • Opera Tools: You can add Opera shortcuts like history, bookmarks, downloads and so on which will help you save some time.

Other customization feature includes themes and wallpapers. It comes with a light and dark theme and you can add your own wallpaper or you can download the wallpaper from the Opera Add-Ons Store. You can also enable a news feature on your start page that comes with a wide range of categories like business, entertainment, sports, technology, and more.

The Opera browser comes with a built-in ad-blocker and can also block trackers so that you can surf the web without worrying about your privacy. Furthermore, you can also use the free and unlimited VPN to further safeguard your web browsing.

Few other features of Opera are:

  • Built-in screenshot tool
  • It comes with battery saver mode, so whenever your laptop charger is unplugged it will automatically turn on.
  • My Flow: You can use this feature to send stuff between your devices.
  • It also supports Picture-in-Picture mode. So if you watching videos from sites like YouTube, it will give you the option “Detach Video” and then you can place the video anywhere on the screen.

Overall, Opera is one of the best free browsers with VPN in 2021.

Download Opera

5. Tor Browser – Extreme Privacy and Security Protection

Tor Browser - Extreme Privacy and Security Protection

Firefox is already known for protecting user’s privacy, but what if you want your web activity to be even more private and secure? That’s where Tor Browser comes in. When it comes to extreme privacy and security, Tor is the best Windows 10 browser.

It automatically deletes cookies and browsing history after your session is over. It also makes sure that none of the websites knows where you are connecting from. There are many more advanced privacy & security features but you might find it hard to use Tor Browser in the beginning so you can read this article – How to use the Tor Browser tools?

On the other hand, the Tor browser is a modified version of Firefox, so you will find the user-interface similar to Firefox. It also means you can download extensions and themes from the Firefox Add-ons Store.

The downside of the Tor Browser is the lack of a sync feature, but it is also understandable since you want your web activity to remain as private as possible. And the other downside is, it is not as fast as Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Download Tor Browser

6. Brave Browser – Privacy and Performance

Brave Browser - Privacy and Performance

Brave Browser is another Chromium-based browser, and within a short span, it has earned the reputation of a privacy-focused web browser. By default, the trackers and ad-blocker are enabled, and it will also upgrade the connections to HTTPS so that you can surf the web peacefully.

And since ad-blocker is enabled by default so the website that depends on ads will have a loss in revenue, so with the Brave Rewards feature you can support your favorite creator. You can also earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads, and you’ll earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave Browser receives from advertisers.

Besides that, like most of the other Chromium-based browsers, it is also a fast browser and supports chrome extensions and themes. As for the user interface, the Brave browser has a clean design and is very easy to use.

Download Brave Browser

7. Torch Browser – Media Downloader

Torch Browser - Best Media Downloader Browser

If you are one of those people who download lots of media content from the internet, then this browser is for you. The Torch browser comes with an integrated media grabber feature through which you can easily download video or audio from most of the sites.

Furthermore, it also has a built-in torrent manager so you can download the torrent files without any trouble. Other than that, you will find most of the features the same as other Chromium-based browsers.

Download Torch Browser

8. Vivaldi – Never-Ending Customization

Vivaldi Browser - Highly Customizable Browser

Vivaldi looks similar to the Opera browser, but the level of customization is what makes the difference. You can customize the start page, choose a pre-defined theme, or create your own theme, set inbuilt or custom wallpaper, change the tab bar position, and much more.

Another cool feature in the Vivaldi browser is keyboard shortcuts. You can change existing or use custom keyboard shortcuts as per your liking. Besides that, it also protects your privacy and loads web pages faster by blocking trackers and ads.

It also has features like quick notes, screenshots, sync, and a sidebar. On top of all, it is also based on Chromium so you can easily run Chrome extensions on it. So if you are looking for a browser that is fast, highly customizable, and protects your privacy, then Vivaldi is one of the best internet browsers for Windows 10.

Download Vivaldi Browser


Well, these were the list of the 8 best web browsers for Windows 10 in 2021. I have been using Chrome for over many years, but after the launch of Edge, I have never looked back to any other browser. Now you tell me in the comment section which browser you are going to install on your Windows 10 PC. And if you are still not sure which one to install, here are few FAQs:

1. Which is the best browser to use with Windows 10?

Ans: According to me, both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are good browsers. So you can pick anyone as per your requirement.

2. Which is the safest browser for Windows 10?

Ans: Many browsers come with some sort of privacy and security features, but if I have to pick, I would go with Mozilla Firefox and Brave Browser. However, if you are willing to compromise on speed for enhanced security and privacy, then I would recommend you go with the Tor browser.

3. Is Google Chrome the best browser for Windows 10?

Ans: There is no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the best browsers, but there are few browsers which in some cases outperform Chrome. The only difference is that Chrome has been in the market for many years and it has earned the reputation for being a fast, reliable, and flexible browser. Also, most people nowadays use Google services a lot, so they find Chrome as a reliable option.

4. Which is the best Google Chrome alternative?

Ans: According to me, the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) and Mozilla Firefox are the best Chrome alternative.

5. What is the fastest Web browser?

Ans: Well, there is no simple answer as to which browser is the fastest. However, based on my experience, I find Edge and Chrome to be fairly faster.

6. Is there a browser better than Chrome?

Ans: Yes, I think the Edge browser is better than Chrome in many aspects, especially in RAM and battery consumption. Also, I have been using Edge for over 6 months and it has become my favorite desktop browser.


  1. I need a browser that allows a website to be bookmarked in multiple bookmark folders. Torch, Edge, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi only allow a website to be bookmarked in one Bookmark Bar Folder. Inadequate for research purposes where you need to bookmark a website which has multiple references within the text pertaining to different subjects requiring different folders on the Bookmark Bar. If you bookmark a website to folder A for instance and then reference to folder B as well, all aforementioned browsers delete the folder A reference. IE had the functionality which allowed a website to be bookmarked in multiple folders. They might be quicker but they lack the functionality. Still searching for a better browser than IE.


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